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Welcome to In Lak'ech, a pioneering project born from a profound respect for humanity and a desire to foster integral development of the individual. Our goal? To facilitate self-realization and dismantle barriers that inhibit inner peace.

In Lak'ech is not just our name—it's a philosophy deeply rooted in Mayan tradition. "In Lak'ech" is a Mayan greeting that means "I am you," and its response, "Halaken," translates to "you are another I." This reflects our belief in the unity of all beings and the interdependence of our experiences.

Inspired by our founder's journey as both a psychologist and a client, In Lak'ech seeks to provide an environment where the "patient" label is left at the door. We see you not as someone who's sick, but as a fellow human being on a journey of growth and self-improvement.

We don't predetermine labels or diagnoses, understanding that the desire for personal growth is universal and isn't confined to those with an illness or condition. Instead, we encourage mutual discovery between our professionals and those who seek our services.


In Lak'ech is more than a psychological support system; it's a space where you can learn, grow, and discover the full potential of your being. We invite you to join us on this journey of mutual discovery and personal growth. In Lak'ech - I am you, and you are another I.



What Makes Me Stand Out

2012-2014: The foundation of INLAKECH was built upon experiences working as a psychologist and shadow teacher, focusing on children with special educational needs, particularly autism.

2014-2015: We broadened our horizon, serving as a teacher trainer in Baja California under a Ministry of Education and ICBC program. Meanwhile, the seeds of the "AET" (Art, Education, and Therapy) program were sown.

2015-2020: We dove deeper into the realm of psychology, working as a General Supervisor at the DIF temporary shelter in Mexicali, dedicated to aiding children and adolescents in vulnerable situations. During this time, we also taught at CESCIPE, sharing psychological insights within Criminology and Law programs.

2017-2019: In a significant stride forward, we established our own psychological counseling consultation, providing personalized assistance.

2018-2019: Our expertise extended to the Integral Center for Psychological Health (CIS), where we served as a psychological consultant.

2018-2022: Teaching became a primary focus again as we served at the Center for University Studies September 16th, imparting knowledge in the Psychology program.

2020-2021: We embraced the roles of guidance counselor and high school coordinator at the University of Valle de Mexico (UVM).

2020-2022: Our attention was drawn back to early education, where we worked as a special education psychologist at the primary level.

2022-2023: Responding to a heartfelt call, we rejoined DIF, renewing our commitment to work with children and adolescents.

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